I write about beer and breweries. Mostly in Central Texas, but also everywhere.

I’ve been in Austin, TX for my whole life. I was born here, I grew up here, I went to university here, and now I work here. But one of the best things about this city is that no matter how long you live here, you are never going to know the food scene inside out. It is constantly changing and always interesting!

The craft beer scene is is no exception. According to this resource from Craft Beer Austin, there are almost 100 breweries and brewpubs in the Greater Austin area. And more are opening every year!

So let me be your guide to explore local craft beer and breweries. I write about some old favorites, but many things I am experiencing for the first time! I invite you to the experience with me.

Bonus: are you vegan, vegetarian, or otherwise following a plant-based diet? Austin is a great city for this, but sometimes bar food isn’t the most plant-friendly. Whenever I write about a beer locale that sells food, I also include a review of their plant-based options. (Note: some beer uses animal byproducts in production. Here is a guide on which Austin breweries have vegan processing.)

Let’s have a beer together. Cheers!