Fredericksburg is one of my favorite places to visit. It has a historic Texas small town charm and an impressive selection of wineries, distilleries, and – best of all – breweries! Fredericksburg Brewing Company one such local treasure.

The Location:

Fredericksburg Brewing Company is located right on the historic Main Street of the quaint Texas town – perfect for a quick stop-in or a night out.

The Beer:

I love a good flight, and Fredericksburg Brewing Company is serious about them – they give you 8 ounces of all 8 beers on tap! Instead of rating each beer, I’ll rank them from best to worst (in my opinion and preference). All were right around 5% ABV.

  1. Pioneer Porter – I always like a solid, heady, coffee-like porter, and that’s just what this is!
  2. Honey Cream Ale – This was refreshing, slightly sweet, wheatey and bubbly.
  3. Enchanted Rock Red Ale – thinner mouthfeel than I prefer, but otherwise nice.
  4. El Hefe – boring but decent.
  5. Not So Dumb Blonde Ale – tasted and felt watery to me.
  6. Peace Pipe Pale Ale – FBC uses Cascade hops in this and their IPAs. Although I don’t universally dislike Cascades, they seemed especially harsh and overpowering in these beers.
  7. Hoppy Holidaze IPA – This IPA also used Cascade hops to a particularly harsh effect. IPAs are supposed to be hop-forward and I love a good one, but in this beer it was hard to appreciate any other flavors. Note: this replaced the Coffee Porter in the tasting menu above (not my choice).
  8. Harper Valley IPA – Again with the Cascade hops. They were truly overwhelming in this beer, so much so that a friend of mine who lives for hoppy bitterness was turned off by it. But if you’re the type who will drink Dogfish 120 Minute IPA happily, maybe this is for you!

As an overall review: I enjoyed some of these beers, but wasn’t blown out of the water by any of them. I’ll definitely still give Fredericksburg Brewing another visit next time I’m in town.

Check here to find beers currently on tap at Fredericksburg Brewing.

The Food:

The biergarten at Fredericksburg Brewing is a separate area behind the restaurant, and we went to only the biergarten since we had already eaten dinner elsewhere. I had looked up their food menu and wasn’t in the mood for any of the limited vegan options. I could have had a pretzel with mustard, chips and salsa, a portobello sandwich on sourdough without cheese, or a salad by removing some ingredients. There was no full plant-based meal without modifications that would take away a lot of the food.

If you need a heartier vegan meal nearby, I would suggest you do what I did and go to Panda Chinese Restaurant and Sushi Bar nearby (within walking distance). I shared several things there including an eggplant stir fry and some really unique shiitake mushroom sushi rolls. Everything was delicious and the staff was lovely.

The Fredericksburg Brewing Experience:

The biergarten in the back of the restaurant in indoors but in a large space with tall ceilings. The seating is long wooden tables with benches, and because it is 2020, lots of seating was marked off to create distance between parties. There is a projector screen at the back of the hall which was playing Christmas movies with subtitles – a nice touch for the season.

The Price:

My flight cost less than $15, which I think is a pretty good price for sampling a good amount of so many different beers. Pints are normally $6.