Did you know that some beers are not vegan or even vegetarian – even just standard ales or lagers with no fancy ingredients? This is because some traditional methods of processing beer use animal byproducts like gelatin or isinglass (the fish version of gelatin). But since these ingredients don’t make their way into the final product except in trace amounts, they aren’t listed in the ingredients list and it can be hard to figure out if they were used.

One resource for this is Barnivore, a website that will help you figure out if many big-brand beers and wines are vegan! This is a great place to check if you want to buy a certain beer at the grocery store but are unsure of its veggie status. Unfortunately, it’s not a very good resource for smaller local breweries.

That is where this list comes in! I’ve gotten in contact (or tried to) with every brewery in the Austin area, and I’ve even added some extra favorites from around Central Texas. These brewers were kind enough to confirm their processing ingredients for me so I can share the info with you in this resource for Austin vegan breweries.

I will update this list continually as I get new info! Fill out the contact form if I’m missing a brewery you would like to see here.

Austin Vegan Breweries
(vegan processing, final product may still contain lactose/honey):

The following breweries have confirmed that their brewing process does not use any animal byproducts, ever. However, many said that they either have used honey or lactose in a few beers or may do so in the future. That means you need to check the ingredients list or ask about honey and lactose, but the processing is safe for vegans so all other beers will be okay. Here are the confirmed Central Texas/Austin vegan breweries:

4th Tap Brewing Cooperative (Austin)

512 Brewing Company (Austin)

602 Brewing Company (Bastrop)

Acopon Brewing (Dripping Springs)

Adelbert’s Brewery (Austin)

Austin Beerworks (Austin)

Beerburg Brewing Company (Austin)

Bell Springs Brewing (Dripping Springs)

Blue Owl Brewing (Austin)

Bluebonnet Beer Company (Round Rock)

Central District Brewing (Austin)

Circle Brewing Company (Austin)

Compadre Brewing (Pflugerville)

Double Horn Brewing Company (Marble Falls)

Family Business Beer Company (Dripping Springs)

Fitzhugh Brewing (Dripping Springs)

Fredericksburg Brewing Company (Fredericksburg)

Ghost Note Brewing (Dripping Springs – not open yet)

Hold Out Brewing (Austin)

Humble Pint Brewing Co. (Leander)

Independence Brewing Co. (Austin)

Jester King Brewery (Austin)

Last Stand Brewing Company (Austin)

Lazarus Brewing Company (Austin)

Live Oak Brewing Company (Austin)

Oddwood Ales (Austin)

Old 290 Brewery (Johnson City)

Old Main Brewing Company (Georgetown – not open yet)

Oskar Blues Brewery (Austin)

Red Horn Coffee House And Brewing Co. (Cedar Park)

San Gabriel River Brewery (Liberty Hill)

Save The World Brewing Co. (Marble Falls)

Slackers Brewing (Austin – not open yet)

Southold Farm & Cellar (Fredericksburg)

Southpaw Brewing (Cedar Park)

Spirit of Texas Brewstillery (Pflugerville)

St Elmo Brewing Company (Austin)

The Black Star Co-Op (Austin)

Thirsty Planet Brewing Company (Austin)

Twisted X Brewing Company (Dripping Springs)

Vacancy Brewing (Austin – not open yet)

Whitestone Brewery (Cedar Park)

Zilker Brewing Company (Austin)

(If you would like to see a list of breweries sorted by area of Austin, and find out whether they are open during COVID and have outdoor areas available, check out this resource!)

Breweries that use animal products in production (no beers are vegan)

Unfortunately, some breweries still use animal byproducts as part of their beer processing, usually for fining/clarifying. The two most common culprits are gelatin (usually from cow bones) or isinglass (the fish version of gelatin). Most breweries are now eschewing these ingredients in favor of a vegan-friendly fining agent like Biofine, and I even talked to one brewery that uses a centrifuge!

But, there are still some breweries that use gelatin and isinglass for fining. Since these fining agents are used on every beer, none of the offerings at these breweries are vegetarian or vegan (unless otherwise noted):

Central Machine Works Brewing (Austin) – uses a fish byproduct in filtration

Breweries that have not responded to inquiries (yet):

If you are wondering about any of the breweries below, know that I am already trying to get in touch with them! Sometimes it takes a while to talk to a brewer who can confirm the exact ingredients used for fining. I hope to have all these figured out soon and will update this resource as I learn.

12 Fox Beer Co.

5th Element Brewing



Barking Armadillo Brewing

Basement Brewers Of Texas

Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches

Bear King Brewery

Beer Ranch Project

Bull Creek Brewing

Celis Brewery

Cork & Barrel

Flix Brewhouse

Friends And Allies Brewing Company

Hedgehog Brewing

Hell Or High Water Brewing

Hi Sign Brewing

Hitmaker Brewing Company

Hops And Grain

Hopsquad Brewing Company

Infamous Brewing Company

Kinematic Brewing Company

Lake Austin Ales

Last Stand Brewing Company

Meanwhile Brewing Company

Middleton Brewing

Neighbor’s Kitchen & Yard/Iron Bridge Ice House

Nomadic Beerworks

Oasis Texas Brewing Company

One Shot Distillery & Brewery

Orf Brewing

Pecan Street Brewing

Pint & Plow Brewing Company

Pinthouse Pizza

Prost Alehouse

Reck’Em Right Brewing Company

Rentsch Brewing

Roughhouse Brewing

Sean Patrick’s

Southern Heights Brewing Co

Suds Monkey Brewing Company

The Austin Beer Garden Brewing Company

The Brewtorium

The Draught House Pub

Treaty Oak Brewing And Distilling Co.

Uncultured Ales

Vista Brewing

Westcave Cellars Winery & Brewery

Wild Hare Bistro

Willard’s Brewery