The holiday season is upon us, and health precautions mean shopping in stores is more difficult than usual (and probably just a bad idea). Luckily, there are plenty of unique and high-quality gifts on Amazon, but it can be hard to sift through and find the good ones! So here are 15 of the best gifts for beer lovers on Amazon, in my opinion.

Each of these things is something I own, have bought for someone else, or currently have on my obsessively-researched wish list. So even though this post contains affiliate links, you can trust my recommendations are sincere!

1. A High-Tech Can Insulator

a simple yeti can insulator is one of the best gifts for beer lovers on amazon

YETI Rambler 12 oz. Can Insulator ($25)

Some beers are just meant to be drunk out of the can, but your hand will warm up a cold can quickly. Solve that problem with a Yeti can insulator, which can keep a beer cold for hours on end. It’s a summer essential, but helpful all year round.

2. A Growler

Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler, 64oz ($50)

A growler is a must have for any serious craft beer drinker, since not every local-made draft comes packaged! A growler can be filled up with local beers at breweries and even some grocery stores. You can also use it to bring your beer (or other beverage) on a picnic or camping trip.

3. A Knit Koozie

Slippy Recycled Beverage Insulator ($10)

I keep my Slippy Knit Koozie with me at all times. I hate holding cold cans! This koozie is pretty small when it’s not stretched out, making it perfect to throw in a bag. Bonus: Slippy is for hot drinks too! Bring it to the coffee shop to save a cardboard sleeve.

4. Tulip Glasses

tulip glasses are one of the best gifts for beer lovers on amazon

Spiegelau Tulip Glasses, Set of 4 ($45)

If you only have one kind of glass for beer, this is the one you want! Tulip glasses are traditionally best for aromatic beers you want to swish around, like a belgian or a sour. But they are also quite versatile. Just know that since the glass comes inward at the top, it will somewhat trap the head and may tone down a foamier beer.

5. Hefeweizen Glasses

Spiegelau Hefeweizen Glasses, Set of 4 ($40)

These tall Hefeweizen glasses allow for a generous pour. Unlike the tulip style above, these wider tops encourage the head of a foamy beer to expand. Perfect for your wheatiest beers.

6. Lager Glasses

Spiegelau Lager Glass, Set of 4 ($40)

These lager glasses may seem simple, but their shape helps reduce heat transfer and allow your lager to stay cold. The wide top allows for some head, but won’t trap aroma as much as a tulip glass.

7. A Homebrew Kit

an image of a homebrew kit, one of the best gifts for beer lovers on amazon

Northern Brewer – Essential 5 Gallon Brew Kit (w/ Block Party Amber) ($89)

This is one of the best gifts for beer lovers on Amazon because it keeps on giving! If the beer drinkers in your life and really serious about local craft beer, and enjoy a challenge, this is the gift for them. You can’t get more local than brewed in your own home!

This kit has everything you need to start for a great value. It was ranked the best homebrew kit by Wirecutter, and I can personally vouch for it as well! It also comes with one 5-gallon recipe kit to get started with.

8. An Extra Recipe Kit for Homebrewing

if they already have a homebrew kit, a recipe kit is one of the best gifts for beer lovers on amazon

Northern Brewer – Irish Red Ale Recipe Kit (5 Gallons) ($40)

If your gift recipient already has the basic homebrew equipment (or if you are giving it to them and want to add something extra), you can’t go wrong with an extra recipe kit! Make sure to get a malt extract kit like this one that doesn’t require all-grain brewing equipment. The above link is for an Irish Red Ale, but you can also click on it to see other options like an IPA.

9. A Wallet-sized Multi-Tool with Bottle Opener

Lever Gear Toolcard Pro – 40 in 1 Multitool ($25)

I can’t tell you how many times one of these wallet multi-tools has been a life saver for me! This little gadget can serve a lot of purposes, but opening a beer is the most frequent use in my experience! Note: this is supposed to be TSA friendly, but since it has a sharp edge, some Amazon reviewers have reported having it confiscated. It might be best to pack it in luggage.

10. A Classic Wall-Mounted Bottle Opener

a bottle opener is a classic and one of the best gifts for beer lovers on amazon

Rustic Farmhouse Cast Iron Wall Mounted Bottle Opener ($10)

Having a bottle opener on the wall in your kitchen or dining area really takes your beer game to the next level. It saves you from digging around in the kitchen drawers for a bottle opener, and it’s really helpful when you have guests over!

11. Or this Whimsical Wall-Mount Bottle Opener

Celtic Greenman Wall Mounted Bottle Opener ($20)

If you like the idea of a wall-mounted bottle opener, but you also don’t want to hang something boring, try this art piece instead! This unique forest man bottle opener will be an eclectic and useful addition to any home.

12. The Classic Bottle Opener with a Cap Catcher Built In

Wall Mount Bottle Opener with Cap Collector Catcher ($15)

Want a more classic look, but a little bit fancier? Try this wood mounted bottle opener with a cap catcher. You can hang the whole thing on a wall or leave it on the counter. And it will make sure you don’t end up leaving caps all over the place!

13. Or this Bear Bottle Opener, also with a Cap Catcher

Bear Bottle Opener and Cap Catcher ($15)

Like the idea of a cap catcher, but want a slightly more unique version? Go with this bear themed bottle opener. This would be right at home in a cozy cabin.

14. A Book for the Nerdy Draft Drinker

The Beer Bible ($15)

This is one of my favorite resources for exploring the history and science of beer. The writing isn’t too formal, so it is pleasant to just read through. But it can also be useful for researching an unfamiliar type of beer. For instance, I had to check this the other day when I came across an amber black ale from Orf Brewing (as I expected, it is a unique new style!)

15. A Gift Card to their Favorite Brewery

I’ve given you 14 of the best gifts for beer lovers on Amazon, but what if you want something more local? A giftcard to your loved one’s favorite brewery is the perfect option.

More than ever, your local breweries really need your support. And if you are concerned about the safety of going out, there are plenty of great places with outdoor seating (like these in Austin).

A gift card to a brewery is really the gift of an experience – and bonus points if you go together! For the end of 2020, we could all use a day out at our local breweries.